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February 03, 2013


At current time no updates.

February 03, 2013


Avebury was named the second best heritage site in the world for visitors by a panel of experts in Which? Travel magazine.

January 22, 2013

About Myself

Why Avebury?:

This section came with the template, so I had a choice of omitting it or writing a little something. You can skip this section if you wish with one click of a mouse button.

I've lived in Swindon for many years, but had been too busy to visit the wonderful historical sites spread across the country. However, in 2012 I made the effort and visited Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral, Glastonbury, St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, Stonehenge, and Avebury.

Avebury is on my doorstep, and I was amazed with the engineering of these ancient people, so decided to create this website as an appetizer for more people to come and visit the village, or for those that are unable to come, to view more photographs on my website than shown by others. I've not gone into detailed written descriptions because there's sufficient information available if you look out for it. I provide only generally known local snippets of information and some personal experiences from visiting the village on many occasions.

Where I'm going:

I've tailored this template, including the software features, photographs and (purchased) a royalty free music selection from a company on the web, to hopefully show you a good look around Avebury with accompanying light music. You can turn off the music if it's not to your taste.

This site development has been an enjoyable learning experience for me, and well worth my own investment. It's still under construction and some features are not fully utilized at this time. When I have completed the required functions for the site, I plan to research another interesting place in the not too distant future.


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This website is one of my hobbies.

If anyone is interested in the medieval architecture of Ely Cathedral, I have a series of photographs:


I have the following video links to the other Cathedrals and Abbey that I visited in 2012. They are very entertaining:

Salisbury Cathedral


Glastonbury Abbey


Wells Cathedral


Saint Edmundsbury Cathedral


If you want to contact me (about the Avebury site only), please use the contact page, by selecting the Contact icon under the revolving pictures.

Please note:

This website is run for information only and meant to be non-commercial. Any highlighted words you view on the website, or on my email reply, which advertise products when you click on them, that appear on one web browser and disappear on another have nothing to do with me. I am not receiving any revenue from them. These dlls have been downloaded at some point in time to your computer, are known, and can be removed from your browser (as I did), by following the advice on the web.




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